Elected Officials


  • Jenny Wilson – Mayor, Salt Lake County
  • Jim Bradley – Council Member, Salt Lake County At Large C
  • Shireen Ghorbani – Council Member, Salt Lake County At Large A
  • Arlyn Bradshaw – Council Member, Salt Lake County District 1
  • Michael Jensen – Council Member, Salt Lake County District 2
  • Ann Granato – Council Member, Salt Lake County District 4
  • Peter Corroon – former Salt Lake County Mayor

Deborah has the experience we need on the Salt Lake County Council. She is ready to get to work on day one and represent the west side!

Mayor Jenny Wilson

Federal, State, and Local

  • Ben McAdams – United States House of Representatives
  • Elizabeth Weight – Utah House of Representatives
  • Sue Duckworth – Utah House of Representatives
  • Karen Mayne – Utah State Senate
  • Luz Escamilla – Utah State Senate
  • Kathleen Riebe – Utah State Senate
  • Jani Iwamoto – Utah State Senate
  • Jake Fitisemanu – West Valley City Council Member
  • Dan Peay – Mayor, Magna Township
  • Trish Hull, Magna Council Member
  • Steve Prokopis, Magna Council Member
  • Apollo Pazell – Council Member, Copperton Township
  • Steve Barnes – former South Jordan Council Member
  • Tom Dolan – former Sandy Mayor
  • Rebecca Chavez Houck – former Utah House of Representatives
  • Ted Wilson – former Salt Lake City Mayor

Active – Conscientious – Thinker – These are just a few of the leadership terms that come to my mind with Deborah’s work as a teacher, her care in the neighborhood, and her energetic civic engagement. Let’s elect Deborah to represent us on the Salt Lake County Council!

Representative Elizabeth Weight

School Board Members and Education Leaders

  • Linda Hansen – Former Board Member, Utah State Board of Education District 3
  • Connie Anderson – Board Member, Granite School District
  • Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh – Utah State Teacher of the Year, 2009
  • Leigh VandenAkker – Utah State Teacher of the Year, 2012
  • Mohsen Ghaffari – Utah State Teacher of the Year, 2015
  • Kellie May Holm – Utah State Teacher of the Year, 2019
  • Heidi Matthews
  • Mike McDonough
  • Dessie Olson

Deborah is a public educator dedicated to working towards what’s best for both students and teachers. She’s already demonstrated her dedication to service by volunteering her own time to be involved at district, county, and state levels. She is a leading voice on education policy in the state and she is ready to make a difference on the County Council.

Kellie May Holm – Utah State Teacher of the Year, 2019


  • AFL-CIO of Utah
  • Salt Lake County Firefighters IAFF Local 1696
  • Utah Central Federation of Labor
  • American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Local 1004
  • American Federation of Musicians Local 104
  • LiUNA Local 295
  • Operating Engineers, Local 3
  • United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the United States and Canada, Local 140
  • American Federation of Teachers – Utah
  • Utah Carpenters Local Union 801
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 354

I have known and worked with Deborah Gatrell for many years.  She is dynamic and caring.  She listens well and is not afraid to take a stand to do what is right, even in the face of difficult opposition.  I value her as a friend and as a genuine and sincere leader who loves her community.  She would serve Salt Lake County magnificently.

Linda Hansen, Former USBE District 3 Board Member


  • Vote Vets, Emerging Leaders

Community Members

I am proud to be able to endorse my friend and colleague Deborah Gatrell for Salt Lake County Council.  I have had the pleasure of seeing her passion for education working side by side with her advocating for students and educators over the past few years as members of the Utah Teacher Fellows.  I am certain that she will work hard for the people of Salt Lake as she has during a lifetime of serving her fellow Americans both in uniform and in the classroom.

Benjamin Alvord
  • Jerry Adams
  • David Albertsen
  • Benjamin Alvord
  • Alan Anderson
  • Ashley Anderson
  • Lizzy Anderson
  • David Anson
  • Viv Avondet
  • Julie Bartel Thomas
  • Kiera Beddes
  • Jeorgi Bernard
  • Jamie Betker
  • Gary Bowen
  • Pam Brinkman
  • Joanne Brown
  • Brady Bryant
  • Kristin Bryant
  • Caren Burns
  • Anni Butterfield
  • Allison Calder
  • Josue Chubac
  • Tim Chambless
  • Amanda Clawson
  • John Darrington
  • Melissa DeMoux
  • Ann Dent
  • Meredeth Donovan
  • Mayra Duran
  • Jacquelyn Eckert
  • Jamie Elsey
  • Julie Ericksen
  • Cheri Gatrell
  • Marilena Gironda
  • Marissa Gonzales
  • Amber Guymon
  • Lisa Hammond
  • Miriam Hatch
  • Jennifer Henn
  • Jill Hixson
  • Dave Horan
  • Denise Howard
  • Daniel Jensen
  • Carrie Johnson
  • Amy Jones
  • Debbe Jones
  • Michele Jones
  • Scott Judy
  • Marianne Kendrick
  • Tayler Khater
  • Ryan Knowlton
  • Jennifer Liddell
  • Christopher Loera Pena
  • Christina Lopez
  • Linda Maddocks
  • Samoana Matagi
  • Katherine McCarter
  • John Minnuls
  • Jo Moss
  • Wendy Moss
  • Marla Mott-Smith
  • Carolyn Murray
  • Alan Naumann
  • Annette Nichols
  • Tabitha Pacheco
  • Cherissa Percival
  • Steven Phelps
  • Brian Preece
  • Lisa Rands
  • Rita Reyna
  • Rod Reyna
  • Deborah Ricks
  • Richelle Rindlisbacher
  • MacHelle Rogers
  • Wendy Rush
  • Diana Samphon
  • Angela Sanchez
  • Anna Sanders
  • Craig Stam
  • Anne Stam
  • Dawn Stevenson
  • George Sumner
  • Ed Sweeney
  • Sarah Taub
  • Rachael Terry
  • Shannon Thoman-Black
  • Marjorie Thornton
  • Hallie Torre
  • Kristin Van Brunt
  • Gene Van Tassell
  • Keven Walgamott
  • Eliza Walton
  • Natalia Warren
  • Scott Watson
  • Tashelle Wright
  • Lynette Yorgason
  • Tony Zani