Meet Deborah

Deborah Gatrell is a veteran, a teacher, and an independent thinker.

Deborah has dedicated her life to serving her country, enlisting when she was just 20 years old. Over the course of her 21-year military career in the Army National Guard, Deborah has served her country both at home and abroad as a Blackhawk pilot and Military Intelligence officer. She assisted with multiple firefighting response efforts as a Battle Captain and pilot, and developed a Utah Army Aviation fire fighting reference book outlining effective coordination procedures. In 2018, Deborah transferred from Aviation to the Utah National Guard – Joint Force Headquarters where she developed a Smart Book outlining procedures for information collection, assessment and sharing with Emergency Management partners in a domestic disaster response. Deborah now serves in the 300th Military Intelligence Brigade.

In addition to her military service, Deborah is a National Board Certified teacher in Granite School District where she currently serves as her school’s Social Studies department chair and mentors new teachers. She frequently writes about education-related issues as an extension of her advocacy work as a Utah Teacher Fellow. Her students motivate her to find creative ways to provide engaging and accessible learning experiences to meet their diverse needs. 

Deborah has dedicated her life to serving her country and community. In a time when it is needed most, she brings attention to detail, broad historical perspective, and experience in disaster response planning. Deborah lives by the BYU ROTC motto of “Service First!” and she is committed to continuing to serve on the Salt Lake County Council.

Deborah Gatrell is a member of the Utah National Guard. Use of her military rank, job titles, and responsibilities does not imply endorsement by the Utah National Guard or the Department of Defense.